Business Model You – Early Career Development – ImagineMembrane 2019


Session objetives:
·Acquaint doctoral students, young researchers or Post-Docs with different career possibilities
·Provide skills that help individuals to be more attractive to different career opportunities
·Help young researchers to build a clear career path

·To understand and describe your career goals
·To describe the purpose behind your work - not just to earn a living, but mostly to enjoy what you do and excel at doing it
·To define your own personal strategy to achieve greater satisfaction and success
·To define your personal identity describing you in what makes you unique - and different from other professionals or PhD holders

•Self-assessment activities to review interests, values, and skills.
•Reflective exercises to recognize and articulate each PhD unique "career brand".
•Align skills and interests with specific career goals using frameworks like Business Model You and Immunity to Change.

1. Fundamentals of Career Modeling
•An overview of different steps in the career planning process including self-assessment, explore career opportunities and career development planning.

2. Build your Professional Identity
•Offer PhD students a structured process to identify values, skills, interests, and other work motivators.

3. Networking and Collaboration
•A well-developed network is a key aspect of managing your development and career: work in groups and benefit from the insights of others, improve networking skills and feedback from the mentors.

Guilherme Martins Victorino

Guilherme Martins Victorino is an assistant professor at NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) in the areas of Design Thinking, Digital Marketing, and Knowledge Management and coordinates two Post Graduation Courses in the areas of Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare and Digital Marketing. He is also coordinator of the Design Thinking course at the NOVA Doctoral School, accompanying PhD students in disruptive innovation processes. He as a career of more than 15 years as Marketing Manager in the sectors of Healthcare, Media and Telecommunications. Guilherme is a certified trainer in Design Thinking and Change Management, having the opportunity of working on new approaches to innovation in reference companies in Portugal, Brazil and the United States in diverse organizational challenges using design thinking methods and empowering people through the use of co-creation and advanced simulators.