DESIGN THINKING – ImagineMembrane 2017

This session is intended to foster creativity and to develop unexpected partnerships by applying design thinking to a broad range of challenges.

Through a guided session around design research methods and processes the workshop offers the identification of opportunities for innovation within research groups, societal challenges or business value creation.

Designing is giving form to an idea to conceive of a more desirable product, service, process or organization and refining the idea into something that can be delivered reliably and efficiently.

In groups the participants will identify ill-defined, ill-structured problems within their areas of expertise and combine analysis and synthesis in ways that are integrative and inventive, and through it create opportunities and means of attaining them.

A major outcome of the session is a presentation of the challenges and opportunities discovered during the design analysis, demonstrating unexpected value to the end user and bringing together changing technologies, capabilities, relationships, activities and materials to shape the future role of membrane materials and technology.

Guilherme Martins Victorino

Guilherme Martins Victorino is an assistant professor at NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) in the areas of Design Thinking, Digital Marketing, and Knowledge Management and coordinates two Post Graduation Courses in the areas of Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare and Digital Marketing. He is also coordinator of the Design Thinking course at the NOVA Doctoral School, accompanying PhD students in disruptive innovation processes. He as a career of more than 15 years as Marketing Manager in the sectors of Healthcare, Media and Telecommunications. Guilherme is a certified trainer in Design Thinking and Change Management, having the opportunity of working on new approaches to innovation in reference companies in Portugal, Brazil and the United States in diverse organizational challenges using design thinking methods and empowering people through the use of co-creation and advanced simulators.