Patrick Meares

Since his PhD in 1949, Patrick Meares shaped membrane science and technology through fundamental works on, amongst others, polymer thermodynamics, polymer materials, and transport in reverse osmosis and ion exchange membranes. Based at Aberdeen University, his curiosity drove him also into the field of biophysics and a research stay on the other side of the Atlantic, at Harvard, where he applied his background on membrane transport.

Being a passionate scientist, Patrick Meares cared particularly about the younger generations of membrane researchers, as becomes also evident in a short autobiography and the testimonials published in a Special Issue dedicated to him in 2002 [1].

With the passion and holistic view on membrane science that ImagineMembrane would like to foster, and, above all, the aim to make this conference a ground of discussion primarily also for the young researchers, we would like to dedicate this conference series to Patrick Meares – as a humble means to honour his engagement with membrane science and membrane scientists.

[1] Pat Meares Special Issue, Journal of Membrane Science, Volume 206, Issues 1–2, Pages 1-464